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Not one but two festive book releases

We hope you all had a lovely christmas. Just to add to the festivities we are super excited to say that two of our authors have released books this week.

The Cursed Vale, book three in the Fate Of The Magi series by Devin Hanson came out on the 26th!!

Talia Farmer has to follow her path, no matter where it takes her. Whether that's to the frozen north, or to the depths of long-forgotten ruins, her tome has led her on a wild path throughout Elira.

This time, Talia is sent to the cursed city of Sundown Vale, where she hopes to find answers instead of just more questions. The Vale was Talia's childhood home, but is now the subject of horror stories and furtive whispers. What mysteries could the dead city hold, and what challenges await?

To download The Cursed Vale, please click on the link below: -


And then today, Stephanie Hudson has released the much anticipated 5th book of the HellBeast King series.

As promised, she has included the last 3 chapters from the previous book including the one that was missing for many of you.

You can download The HellBeast's Prisoner on Amazon now.

I tried to run.

I tried to hide.

But look where it got me.

Captured and held firmly in the grasp of my HellBeast King.

One still intent on completing the Claim he feels he has on me.

Which I knew meant only one thing,

Making me his, in every single way.

By Claiming my heart, then my blood, and now the very last thing left of me to give…

He wants my body.

But after having my heart trampled on, and after I had been willing to hand it over freely...

Will I now finally accept what he calls my fate?

Will I let go of my fears at having my heart broken again?

Or will I forever now have to be...

The HellBeast’s Prisoner.

Happy reading and best wishes for the new year.

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