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Since being founded in 2020 by authors Stephanie and Blake Hudson, Hudson Indie Ink has helped both new and established writers to get their books published and marketed to readers all over the world.

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Stephanie Hudson



As a young child I dreamt of becoming a writer and telling stories for a living. My wild imagination combined with my dyslexia overpowered my will to learn in school and as a result I was told that I wouldn’t amount to much and becoming a writer would never happen. Hence this is why I am a firm believer in the moto that the only limitations set against you, are the ones you set yourself, not the ones you allow others to set.

This was even more the case when completing my first book ten years ago and agonisingly trying in vain to get it published for two years, with little success. I decided to self-publish my first book and it was at this moment that I made myself a promise and a vow, that if I ever reached the success of my dreams then I would one day start my own publishing company. One dedicated to helping authors in reaching their own dreams and aimed at those that wanted to break away from the mold of convention and change how we look upon the world of publishing. Where we work closely with our authors and understand the gift they choose to share with us, is one we take pride in presenting to the world, in the way it deserves to be seen.



When I met my wife Stephanie, I found myself entering the world of self-publishing and discovering the personal success my wife had achieved up until that point in her career. However, like many authors experienced as time went on, things began to shift in the Indie world and with social media at its core, free advertising became a thing of the past. So, unwilling to continue to watch as book sales decreased, I decided to put in the extensive research needed in this niche market. In doing so, I discovered the art of advertising on social media platforms with much success and therefore taking my wife’s career as an author to a whole other level. Through this great success my wife and I decided now was the time to launch Hudson Indie Ink, not only giving life to my wife’s ambitious dreams but also giving others a chance to share in their own successful publishing career. Our aim is to see our authors reaching the top of the charts, a goal we feel will be achieved by utilising the extensive knowledge gained over ten years’ experience in self-publishing. As a company we promise to invest our time, the personal knowledge of our team and our financial resources in you as an Author. 



We can help.

We are a publishing house with a difference and care about your brand, your hopes and dreams, but most importantly, your work.

Please register your interest by filling out the application form and clicking on the below button. We use google docs for our application forms and promise not to withhold any of your data without your permission.

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