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New Release- Jax Knight


He was my secret crush, the one man I wanted and couldn’t have.

Because he was my cousin, though not by blood, and my family wouldn’t be happy.

I tried to forget him while I was away, but nobody else compared.

If anything, the distance only made me long for him more.

So, now I was a woman on a mission.

Nothing was going to stop me from getting the man of my dreams.

My family loved me; they’d understand eventually. Wouldn’t they?


My feelings for her went against all the codes I held dear.

I protected her from afar, ensuring she was safe and keeping all other men away.

I yearned for her, yet she could never be mine.

She was my secret obsession, the only woman I wanted but could never have.

My love for her could tear our family apart; it might even be the death of me.

I could cope while she was away, but now she was coming home, thoughts of her consumed me.

I needed to stay away, but how can I when her very essence pulled me to her?

Can Romi and Sonia overcome the obstacles in their way, or will their forbidden love be forever doomed?

Available to download form amazon or Kindle Unlimited Friday 19th April 2024.

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