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Book Club Success!!

The Hudson Indie Ink Book Club has been up and running for nearly two months now and it’s safe to say our readers love it! It’s often hard to know which author to delve into next when you’ve read all your favourites, especially if you’re thinking of mixing it up and trying a new genre. Being a part of our book club offers you that opportunity by introducing you to new authors and genres that you may never have come across. The feedback has been fantastic, and our authors have gone down a storm with their creative and intriguing storylines, mixed in with exciting and compelling characters.

We were lucky enough to start off with an exclusive from the fabulous Stephanie Hudson, releasing the superb ‘Ward’s Siren’ free for the members of our book club! Our readers went wild, falling in love with the characters and the incredible storyline that just blows you away! The good news is that this book was just part 1 of Ward’s Siren, with the second part of the book due for release in September to conclude the story!!

Following the success of our first book, we were then very excited to announce that next in the hot seat was our amazingly talented author, Gemma Weir. Gemma has the ability to make her readers swoon, becoming addicted to her seductive characters, which is why we were over the moon with her book choice too, which was the gorgeous ‘Echo’! In fact, ‘Echo’ went down so well it jumped back up into the best-sellers list for its category in Amazon! Not only that though, as so did another of Gemma’s books from a separate series, ‘Property of the Mountain Man’ all thanks to our readers wanting to meet Gemma’s other heroes!!

We are now onto book three - ‘A Crown of Blood and Bone’, brought to us by the superb international best-selling author Sloane Murphy. Once you meet Remy you will want to know absolutely everything about her, and Sloane provides this and more, as ‘A Crown of Blood and Bone’ is the first in the nine-book ‘Shadow Walker’ series. We’re just getting started with this one, but the early feedback so far has been as brilliant as the first two books, and we still have so many more authors to come!

If you haven’t joined out book club yet, then head on over and come and say hi! You can catch up with all the books and interact within the group, as well as meeting new friends and catching up with old ones 😊

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