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We are very excited that author Sorcha Dawn's best-selling 'Shadow Bound' is our 'Book of the Month' over in the HII Book Club!!!!

Head on over and join now, using the link below; -

Hudson Indie Ink have reduced the price of the ebook to just 99p (99c) for a limited time only, so please click on the following link to buy today ; -

(Also available in KU)


Before discovering she was part of a powerful family of witches, January Kingsley’s biggest worry had been trying to put her college degree to good use after graduation.

Now she and her sisters have a magical legacy to uphold. The only problem? January is a terrible witch. As in, embarrassingly bad.

But that doesn’t stop her Aunt Aradia from sending January on a mission to retrieve a relic stolen by a ruthless vampire. Ozias Covaci is as brutal as he is handsome. His thirst for justice rivals the freeze in his heart until he gets a taste of the witch sent to stop him.

With a demon assassin on their tails, he can either keep his witch safe or choose vengeance, but he can’t do both. Is their passion strong enough to save them, or is it bound to destroy everything they hold dear?

Sorcha Dawn kicks off the Kingsley Witches series with a bang in this scorching paranormal romance full of witches, demons, vampires, and Fae. Pick up Shadow Bound, and enter a secret world full of magic, intrigue, and scorching romance.

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