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Stephanie Hudson - USA Signing Tour - September 2022

Hello all Stephanie Hudson fans!

We are sure you can appreciate it’s impossible for Stephanie to do a book signing in every state of the USA (she wishes she could, cause, well wouldn't that be be awesome!). But....we can now confirm she will be visiting three places that she will be signing at and what the dates for these are during her September 2022 visit.

Orlando 10th September 2022

Dallas 17th September 2022

Las Vegas 24th September 2022

Please keep in mind the finer details will follow, like venues, addresses and times. However we wanted to let you guys know as soon as her flights were booked and itinerary agreed so as you may plan if you wanted to travel to see her on any of these 3 dates.

As for a USA ball that keeps being requested, this maybe something we do in the future but as I’m sure you guys can understand, it’s quite hard to pick a place and plan it when we don’t live there. This, along with it being a HUGE financial commitment, especially if people won’t travel for it. It is something we need to really think about, plan and decide if it is a viable thing to attempt.

As for the signings we have decided on, then we hope to see you there and if not then we hope to see you on the next trip, when we choose a different route and three other states!

Stephanie is so excited to meet you all!!!

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