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Happy Release Day Anna Bloom

Rule 2 - Don't Lose The Guy

'How We Fell' by Anna Bloom is OUT NOW! The second book in the wonderful Uni Diaries Series.

Yep, I’ve been there. Last year I did the juvenile thing. I fell in love, won, lost and then won again the man of my dreams. This year all that’s behind me. Ben and I are going to be together forever… Except he’s now a famous rock star and I’m studying my second year at uni. He will be away, doing all the things he does best, and I shall become a history extraordinaire, and not the raving piss artist I promised to be last academic term. It will be easy, we can do this… can’t we? Still, at least I have my trusty uni diary to write all our wonderful times down in. Oh god, who am I kidding. It’s going to suck, isn’t it?

Download your copy today, by clicking on the link below: -

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