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“When the kids were very young there were some great books to read together. Those simple books with a story accompanied by cracking illustrations that meant they were always a joy to pick up again and again. To this day they are destined never to be thrown away. I know exactly where they are stashed now, and they will resurface for grandchildren- Authors/Illustrators like the Ahlbergs, Rosen & Oxenbury, Bartam and Thomas & Paul. There were also some other books that just didn’t inspire and living with an Artist and we found ourselves saying ‘we could do better than that’. So, one rainy solution mode day Noel was born and Caroline breathed life into the pages with the scenes I had described. And that is how the story begins…”
Jamie works as a computer systems and data specialist for a large UK Corporation. In his free time, he collects and plays guitars, gardens and writes music. Often, he can be found annoying his wife Caroline Fairbairn by going into solution mode at the drop of a hat. He has been known to write mainly poetry, as a way of dealing with life’s curveballs.

2016 Noel’s Ark … Illustrated By Caroline Fairbairn